Pitch Up For The Festival Season

Heading to a festival this summer? Your camping experience can be just as important as the music to make your time there unforgetable. This is why it’s important that you aren’t spending your hard earned money on a tent that isn’t suitable for you – creating your perfect set up all starts with the tent. Here we outline the pros and cons of the most popular tent types frequently found at music festivals. Take a look and pick the right one for you…

Pop-Up Tents

The classic festival tent is the pop-up style. Popular with festival goers who will only use it once a year when the festival season comes around as they are cheap, quick and easy. They are so simple to pitch, even the most novice of campers can do it. The cons of this type of tent are that they are usually single skinned, meaning they may not be as waterproof and breathable as dual skinned tents. They may also be susceptible to damage as the poles and fabric aren’t as durable as those of a more traditional type of tent.

Inflatable Tents

An alternative to the pop-up tent is the inflatable tent. They retain all the features of a traditional tent, such as waterproof protection and are far sturdier than pop-ups, while still being super easy to pitch. To erect an inflatable tent you simply pump it up (pumps are usually included with the tent), which can take less than a minute in some variations. However, these type of tents are far more expensive than pop-ups, so are not ideal for revellers who are only likely to use it just the once during festival season.

Regular 3/4 Man Tents

For those who want a tent which is sturdier and more protective against the elements than a pop-up, a regular 3 to 4 man tent might be the way forward. These come in a variety of designs which differ in difficulty to pitch. Dome and tunnel tents are easier to erect than geodesic and semi-geodesic designs, however they do not offer the same level of stability in strong winds. Most of these types of tents feature a porch area for storing gear. However, at festivals it is probably not the best idea to keep your equipment here – alcohol may make stealing someone else’s stuff a great idea. Although, it is an ideal place to store muddy wellies at night.

Large 6/8+ Man Tents

If you are heading to a festival in a large group then it could be a good idea to purchase a larger 6/8+ man tent. Most larger tents come with separate bedroom compartments – which can be ideal for couples camping together – and also feature a sizable living area, which is the perfect setting for hanging out during (the inevitable) bad weather. Obviously this type of tent is much more expensive than the other types and may also take a long time to pitch, but if there’s a group of you then the cost and work can be split to make it worthwhile.